• Spill
    steel, auto paint 55 x 45 x 35 cm $5,500
  • Insideout Lines 2012
    Insideout Lines 2012
    steel, auto paint 235 x 185 x 92 cm $23,000
  • Scent
    steel, auto paint 85 x 83 x 42 cm $5,900
  • Leaning Towards the Bottle
    Leaning Towards the Bottle
    steel, auto paint 22 x 13 x 18 cm (sold)
  • Hole and Corner
    Hole and Corner
    Fabricated steel, automotive paint 40 x 70 x 17cm $3,200
  • Redvase Reddrum
    Redvase Reddrum
    Fabricated steel, automotive paint 60 x 55 x 30 cm
Philip Spelman

2013 Sculpture By The Sea Cottesloe WA, Australia

Winner 2012 Helen Lempriere Scholarship

Member Sculpture by the Sea “Decade Club”

A practicing sculptor for the past 25 years, Spelman works in both painted steel and unique cast and fabricated bronze.  His works are abstract constructions where elements balance, tumble and float creating positive and negative compositions of space, light and shade. The sculptures are memorable for their vibrant colours which give luminosity and depth, creating stunning silhouettes within their environment. Inspiration for his work is derived from many sources including urban industrial landscapes, architecture and minimal art. He works directly with his material, often without a predetermined outcome.

National Convention Centre, Canberra Ÿ ArtsACT, Canberra Ÿ Kondouris, Canberra Ÿ Canberra Museum & Art Gallery, Canberra Ÿ Queen Beatrix Collection Commonwealth Park, Canberra Ÿ Price WaterhouseCoopers, Canberra Ÿ The Lady Ethel Nock Sculpture Collection, NSW ŸBathurst Regional Gallery, NSW Ÿ Private Collections Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne Ÿ Mornington Peninsula, Perth, United States, Singapore


Arrow International, Chisholm ACT Ÿ ACT Cultural facilities Corporation, Civic Square Canberra Ÿ ACT Public Arts, Canberra Ÿ Civil & Civic / Lend Lease, Canberra Ÿ Canberra Grammar, Canberra Ÿ Sydney City Council, Newtown Williamson Group, Canberra Ÿ Corporate Diagnostics, Canberra Ÿ Capital Development Authority

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