• School Boys
    Clara Adolphs - School Boys
    oil on linen 51 x 71cm
  • Seated Man and Cigarette
    Clara Adolphs - Seated Man and Cigarette
    oil on linen 100 x 75cm SOLD
  • Poolside II
    Clara Adolphs - Poolside II
    oil on linen 100 x 85cm SOLD
  • The Conservatory
    Clara Adolphs - The Conservatory
    oil on linen 107 x 112cm SOLD
  • The Last Woman
    Clara Adolphs - The Last Woman
    oil on linen 130 x 110cm SOLD
  • Monterey Pine
    Clara Adolphs - Monterey Pine
    oil on linen 119 x 104cm
  • Card Game
    Clara Adolphs - Card Game
    oil on linen 88 x 113cm SOLD
  • Swimming Pool, Splash
    Clara Adolphs - Swimming Pool, Splash
    oil on linen 78 x 107cm SOLD
  • Quiet Water
    Clara Adolphs - Quiet Water
    oil on linen 100 x 86cm SOLD
  • Three Sisters
    Clara Adolphs - Three Sisters
    oil on linen 88 x 121cm
  • On the Beach
    Clara Adolphs - On the Beach
    oil on linen 97 x 79cm
  • Fifty Metres
    Clara Adolphs - Fifty Metres
    oil on linen 74 x 95cm SOLD
  • Shadow Man
    Clara Adolphs - Shadow Man
    oil on linen 81 x 91cm SOLD
  • Indoor Pool
    Clara Adolphs - Indoor Pool
    oil on linen 79 x 87cm SOLD
  • Night Flowers
    Clara Adolphs - Night Flowers
    oil on linen 78 x 87cm
  • Longer Days
    Clara Adolphs - Longer Days
    oil on linen 68 x 97cm SOLD
  • Saturdays
    Clara Adolphs - Saturdays
    oil on linen 98 x 66cm
  • Hedges and Palms
    Clara Adolphs - Hedges and Palms
    oil on linen 65 x 85cm SOLD
  • Trip in Blue
    Clara Adolphs - Trip in Blue
    oil on linen 61 x 83cm
  • Garden Shadows
    Clara Adolphs - Garden Shadows
    oil on linen 79 x 65cm SOLD
  • Seated Yellow
    Clara Adolphs - Seated Yellow
    oil on linen 71 x 81cm
  • John's Garden
    Clara Adolphs - John's Garden
    oil on linen 67 x 90cm SOLD
  • Three Men and Night
    Clara Adolphs - Three Men and Night
    oil on linen 65 x 79cm
  • Neighbours
    Clara Adolphs - Neighbours
    oil on linen 69 x 88cm
  • Still
    Clara Adolphs - Still
    oil on linen 61 x 83cm
  • Morning Pool
    Clara Adolphs - Morning Pool
    oil on linen 66 x 66cm SOLD
  • Blue Veranda
    Clara Adolphs - Blue Veranda
    oil on linen 72 x 84cm SOLD
  • Two More
    Clara Adolphs - Two More
    oil on linen 56 x 82cm SOLD
  • Midday
    Clara Adolphs - Midday
    oil on linen 70 x 66cm
  • Seated Man and Pot Plants
    Clara Adolphs - Seated Man and Pot Plants
    oil on linen 63 x 68cm
  • Solitaire
    Clara Adolphs - Solitaire
    oil on linen 62 x 67cm
  • Moments
    Clara Adolphs - Moments
    oil on linen 57 x 57cm
  • August Wind
    Clara Adolphs - August Wind
    oil on linen 61 x 57cm SOLD
  • Tea
    Clara Adolphs - Tea
    oil on linen 54 x 47cm SOLD
  • Bow Tie
    Clara Adolphs - Bow Tie
    oil on linen 45 x 36cm
  • Drift
    Clara Adolphs - Drift
    oil on linen 82 x 100cm SOLD
  • Little Blue II
    Clara Adolphs - Little Blue II
    oil on linen 74 x 73cm SOLD

Clara Adolphs | Recent Paintings

Clara Adolphs new body of work simply titled “Recent Paintings” is being shown in the Sydney CBD offices of law firm Clayton Utz as part of their inaugural Clayton Utz Art Partnership.  Clara was chosen as the emerging artist for this unique collaboration which showcases her paintings on the walls of this magnificent building rather than in the traditional gallery space.  Through having this exhibition in a corporate space, it introduces and educates new viewers to Clara’s paintings and grows her audience.

Clara was also provided with a space to paint as an artist-in-residence allowing exclusive access to the artist and the creative process.

Although the building is a secure venue with no public access, the paintings are for sale.