• Sunday Soon
    Clara Adolphs - Sunday Soon
    oil on canvas 63 x 81 cm
  • Miss Heinz
    Clara Adolphs - Miss Heinz
    oil on canvas 28.5 x 13 cm
  • Man on Time
    Clara Adolphs - Man on Time
    oil on canvas 45 x 35.5 cm
  • Old Woman
    Clara Adolphs - Old Woman
    oil on canvas 18.5 x 14.5 cm
  • Tuesday Tea
    Clara Adolphs - Tuesday Tea
    oil on canvas 21 x 38.5 cm
  • White Hill
    Clara Adolphs - White Hill
    oil on canvas 30 x 24.5 cm SOLD
  • The Traveller
    Clara Adolphs - The Traveller
    oil on canvas 25.5 x 18 cm SOLD
  • Suss und Klein
    Clara Adolphs - Suss und Klein
    oil on canvas 29 x 16 cm SOLD
  • Pearls
    Clara Adolphs - Pearls
    oil on canvas 30 x 29.5 cm SOLD
  • Journey's End
    Clara Adolphs - Journey's End
    oil on canvas 67.5 x 90 cm SOLD
  • Melting Snow
    Clara Adolphs - Melting Snow
    oil on canvas 61 x 81 cm SOLD
  • Officer
    Clara Adolphs - Officer
    oil on canvas 23.5 x 18 cm SOLD
  • The Loner
    Clara Adolphs - The Loner
    oil on canvas 24 x 18 cm SOLD
  • Annie
    Clara Adolphs - Annie
    oil on canvas 29 x 24.5 cm SOLD
  • Bones
    Clara Adolphs - Bones
    oil on canvas 24 x 18 cm SOLD
  • Suited Man
    Clara Adolphs - Suited Man
    oil on canvas 29 x 17 cm SOLD
  • Water at Dusk
    Clara Adophs - Water at Dusk
    oil on canvas 52.5 x 35 cm SOLD
  • Man in Time
    Clara Adolphs - Man in Time
    oil on canvas 20.5 x 17 cm SOLD
  • Peter II
    Clara Adolphs - Peter II
    oil on canvas 21 x 14 cm SOLD
  • Beyond the Horizon
    Clara Adolphs - Beyond the Horizon
    oil on canvas 28 x 19 cm SOLD
  • Around the Block
    Clara Adolphs - Around the Block
    oil on canvas 23 x 31 cm SOLD
  • The Bather
    Clara Adolphs - The Bather
    oil on canvas 32.5 x 15.5 cm SOLD
  • High Noon
    Clara Adolphs - High Noon
    oil on canvas 68 x 100 cm SOLD
  • White
    Clara Adolphs - White
    oil on canvas 65 x 91 cm SOLD
  • Bei Mir
    Clara Adolphs - Bei Mir
    oil on canvas 30 x 30.5 cm SOLD
  • Jenny & Colleen
    Clara Adolphs - Jenny & Colleen
    oil on canvas 57 x 37 cm SOLD
  • On the Beach
    Clara Adolphs - On the Beach
    oil on canvas 64 x 90 cm SOLD
  • Sun and Snow
    Clara Adolphs - Sun and Snow
    oil on canvas 49 x 59 cm SOLD
  • First Day
    Clara Adolphs - First Day
    oil on canvas 38 x 61 cm SOLD
  • Over the Dunes
    Clara Adolphs - Over the Dunes
    oil on canvas 67.5 x 102 cm SOLD
  • Sonntag Fruh
    Clara Adolphs - Sonntag Fruh
    oil on canvas 37 x 59 cm SOLD
  • Two in a Boat
    Clara Adolphs - Two in a Boat
    oil on canvas 30.5 x 40 cm SOLD
  • Dear
    Clara Adolphs - Dear
    oil on canvas 23 x 17 cm SOLD
  • Dylan
    Clara Adolphs - Dylan
    oil on canvas 51 x 29 cm SOLD
  • Yvonne
    Clara Adolphs - Yvonne
    oil on canvas 13 x 9 cm SOLD
  • Pam
    Clara Adolphs - Pam
    oil on canvas 29 x 25.5 cm SOLD
  • Blue Dust
    Clara Adolphs - Blue Dust
    oil on canvas 26 x 36 cm SOLD
  • Church Bells
    Clara Adolphs - Church Bells
    oil on canvas 57 x 37 cm SOLD
  • Benjamin Brown
    Clara Adolphs - Benjamin Brown
    oil on canvas 26 x 18.5 cm SOLD
  • Baby Constance
    Clara Adolphs - Baby Constance
    oil on canvas 30 x 30 cm SOLD
  • White III
    Clara Adolphs - White III
    oil on canvas 15 x 25 cm SOLD
  • Sand & Sea
    Clara Adolphs - Sand & Sea
    oil on canvas 23 x 40 cm SOLD
  • White II
    Clara Adolphs - White II
    oil on canvas 36 x 24.5 cm SOLD
  • Peter I
    Clara Adolphs - Peter I
    oil on canvas 30 x 24 cm SOLD

Clara Adolphs | Augenblicke

Opening Night: Thursday, Dec 06

Since graduating in 2008 from CoFA (UNSW) with a BFA (Painting & Drawing Major), Clara has won or been a finalist in the following:

  • 2012 Finalist, Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship
  • 2012 Winner, Young Emerging Artist Award, Mosman Art Prize
  • 2012 Finalist, Metro Gallery Award
  • 2011 Finalist, Metro Gallery Award
  • 2011 Commended, BDAS Art on paper prize
  • 2010 Winner, Judges Recommendation Prize, Hornsby Art Prize
  • 2010 Winner, North Sydney Youth Award
  • 2010 Highly Commended, Yinnar Drawing Prize
  • 2010 Finalist, Blacktown City Art Prize
  • 2010 Finalist, Norvill Art Prize
  • 2010 Finalist, St. George Art Award
  • 2009 Finalist, Meroogal Women’s Art Prize
  • 2009 Finalist, Liverpool City Art Prize

“Augenblicke is a collection of paintings that recreate anonymous old photographs. I enjoy getting to know people I haven’t met before, through the process of painting them. By capturing isolated details and people of the past, my work explores the notion that moments are fleeting. Memories and photographs linger, but they are still just a speck in time. Through the combination of palette knife and brush, and a generous amount of paint, I take much pleasure in surrendering control and allowing the paint to take on a life of it’s own. I also enjoy the contrast this creates, between the surface of the painting and that of the old photograph.” Clara Adolphs’ portraits are extraordinary. They are inspired by memories and captured in what might be described as a retro-perspective, coupled with a thick impasto technique. The artist very much navigates to her own individual thought-provoking style. Her seemingly effortless portraits with a palette knife contain depth, presence and complexity. Clara Adolphs is an arts graduate from the University of New South Wales and has been a finalist or winner in a total of ten art prizes since 2009.  This culminated in 2011 with her painting ‘February’ being picked as a finalist in one of Australia’s richest art awards for emerging Australian artists, the Metro Gallery Art Award.  Judges in the selection panel included the Hon. Jeff Kennett AC (former Victorian Premier) and Fenella Kernebone, presenter of ABC TV’s Art Nation program.  Ben Quilty, Sam Leach and Jackson Slattery have won this prestigious award previously. Clara Adolphs was nominated a finalist again for her work ‘With Love’ in the 2012 Metro Gallery Art Award which is open to young artists under the age of 35 and offers a prize of $50,000. In July 2012, Clara won the Young Emerging Artist Award 2012 for her painting ‘New Tricks’ at the Mosman Art Prize. She is currently a finalist in this year’s Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship for artists between the age of20 and 30.