• White Moon
    White Moon
    mixed media on paper mounted on board 150 x 130 cm $6,000
  • Black Ocean and White Whale
    Black Ocean and White Whale
    mixed media on paper mounted on board 150 x 130 cm $6,000
  • Where the Bird Is
    Where the Bird Is
    mixed media on paper 110 x 75 cm $3,500
  • Kitsune Masked
    Kitsune Masked
    mixed media on paper 74 x 55 cm $1,700
  • My Quiet Jaw Bone
    My Quiet Jaw Bone
    mixed media on paper 74 x 55 cm $1,700
  • Drink More Milk and Get Stronger
    Drink More Milk and Get Stronger
    mixed media on wood 86 cm diameter $1,500
  • Fool's Crown
    Fool's Crown
    acrylic paint on wood 10 x 10 x 8 cm $1,000
  • Straight Portrait
    Straight Portrait
    watercolour and ink on paper 31 x 22 cm $800
  • X-Ray of Flying Mind
    X-Ray of Flying Mind
    spray paint on 3mm perspex in wooden box 130 x 100 cm
  • X-Ray of Elegance
    X-Ray of Elegance
    spray paint on 3mm perspex in wooden box 130 x 100 cm
  • Bright Imagination
    Bright Imagination
    spray paint on 3mm perspex in wooden box 130 x 100 cm
TWOONE (Hiroyasu Tsuri)

“This series is an extension of an idea I have been experimenting with for a while – it is a concept of the ‘psychological portrait and metaphysical landscape’.

With the portrait, it is a portrait, but not so much about the surface or outlook of the people. They are, instead, portraits of common human feelings, emotions, and conditions.

Also, with the landscape, as Haruki Murakami says, everything and anything is Metaphor.

If you wish to read the meaning from what you see in front of you, there many messages from nature and humanity, and even messages from inside of you.

I have used animals as symbols of instinctive emotion, or metaphor of state, or situation.

By abstracting natural form, removing the familiar from its typical context and employing techniques of symbolism, I intend to depict timeless human figures, conditions, and structures of nature and humanity.”

Curriculum Vitae

Born in Yokohama, Japan

Moved to Melbourne at the age of 18 and granted a Distinguished Talent visa in 2010

Currently lives and works in Melbourne


 2012     MiCK, Sydney, Psychological Portraits and Metaphysical Landscapes, solo exhibition

2012     Backwoods Gallery, Melbourne, Seven Samurai, solo exhibition

2012     Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney, Au Courant, group exhibition

2011      Gallery Social, Tokyo, Japan, Yello, group exhibition

2011      Causey Contemporary Gallery, New York, USA, Ritual, group exhibition

2011      No Vacancy, Melbourne, Before it Fades Out, solo exhibition

2010     National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, Space Invaders, group exhibition

2010     China Heights, Sydney, In the Absence of Man, exhibition with Thomas Jackson

2010     Gorker Gallery, Melbourne, Engraving, solo exhibition of lino prints

2009    Fitzroy Town Hall, Melbourne, Cultural Intersection ‘Blood Line Music Box’, performance and installation for Artist Residency Project at Fitzroy Town Hall

2009    No Vacancy, Melbourne, So Far, solo exhibition

2009    The Arts Centre, Melbourne, Emerge Festival ‘Visible Sessions’, stage backdrop mural and live performance

2008    Bus Gallery, Melbourne, Thousand Can Show, solo exhibition

2008    Global Gallery, Sydney, Thousand Can Show, solo exhibition

2007     Gallery Scene, Tokyo, Japan, Urban Art, group exhibition

2007     Until Never, Melbourne, Bootlegger, group exhibition curated by Niels Oeltjen

2007     Federation Square, Melbourne, No Comply, group exhibition


 2012     Metro Gallery, public mural on warehouse, Budd Street, Collingwood, VIC

2011      Public mural on Meeker Street, Brooklyn, New York, USA

2010     Grand Lane Project, 99 metre long mural in collaboration with Scott ‘Bonsai’ Neoh, Perth, WA

2010     Mural for young fashion floor basement, Myer, Melbourne, VIC

2009    Two Blue Blocks, live painting display, Melbourne Central, Melbourne VIC

2008    Green Pasture, mural for the Free Elephant Movement, Bangkok, Thailand

2008    Mural for May’s Place collection, May’s Place, Sydney, NSW

2007     The Wesley College Lion, mural for interior wall of Wesley College, collaboration with Scott ‘Bonsai’ Neoh, South Yarra, Melbourne, VIC

2007     Green Birds mural for exterior wall of Duel, collaboration with Scott ‘Bonsai’ Neoh, Tokyo, Japan

2006    Series of weekly changing murals for interior of Red Bull Music Academy, Richmond, VIC

2006    Mural for interior wall of Sophie Mundi Steiner School, Abbotsford, VIC


2012     VNA, UK-based international art and creative magazine, published by Very Nearly Almost magazine

2010     Space Invaders, catalogue of Australian street art, stencil, posters, paste-up and stickers, published by the National Gallery of Australia

2010     Street/Studio Book, Australian street art book focussing on ten street artists, published by Thames & Hudson

2009    Wooden Toy Magazine, Australian design, art and creative magazine, published by Wooden Toy Publishing Co.

2008    Desktop Magazine, Australian art and design magazine, published by Niche Group Pty Ltd

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